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Corona: We hope we can hold the lace festival in June 2022 without any problems. We will hold the festival in relation to the current restrictions.


The courses are held after the lace festival:



Tønder lace: Teacher Helle Schulz

Monday 6 - 10 June 2022 at Hohenwarte Price for course: Dkr. 2400,-

Content: in this course you can choose:

to work on finished patterns. Patterns can be purchased during the course or brought along.

to work with reconstruction, where you prepare dots and working drawings based on photos and knit according to the pattern.

            to design your own pattern and lace after it.

The premise: you must be able to work from a colored working drawing and you must be familiar with the use of contour wire

Both experienced and beginners in tulle lace can participate. The teaching is individual.


It is possible to stay overnight and eat at Hohenwarte. Students order their own room and food. Inform that you participate in the Tønder course, it gives a little discount on the room.



Russian lace: Teacher Galina Tihonova

Galina speaks German. Members of the board will attend the course and can be helpful with the


Monday the 6th - Tuesday the 7th of June 2022 in Drøhses Hus price Dkr 750

Content: in the course you can learn more of the techniques that are characteristic of Russian lace.

Prerequisites: a good knowledge of lace


More information about the courses can be obtained by contacting Kniplings-festival in Tønder

The courses after the lace festival can be signed up without having a connection to other events in

the days before.