Dear visitors of the website of Lace-festival of Tønder
We are sorry to inform you that the information on this website has not been updated. We have had problems with the website, but they should be solved by now.
In addition to that we have to apologise for our booking system online not working yet. We have had a great deal of challenges along the way, and things take longer than expected. Now we enter the Christmas season and we hope that we in spite of that can get help, but we are not sure.
We are absolutely sure that there will be a Lace festival in 2019. A great deal of the stallholders have already signed up and there are still three months to deadline. We are so lucky that the instructors at the workshops have allowed a high amount of participants on each workshop so there will be room for a lot of you.
We hope you will bear with us and be ready to enrol in the beginning of the new year.
Marry Christmas and a happy New Year.
The Board of Directors of the Lace Festival in Tønder