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Elsemarie Dam-Jensen

 “White and black laces made in this country ...” about luxury regulations in Denmark

Laces were among the luxury items that were reserved for curtain communities of Denmark in the period from 1500 to 1800. It was the

so called luxury regulations that regulated what material and equipment you could use for clothing of the different estates. The purpose with the luxury regulation was to prevent the gluttony and

overspending that had occurred with the renaissance and that included home furnishings, clothes, food habits as well as gifts in connection with baptism and weddings. Obviously it was only the wealthiest in the society that could participate in the luxuries that actually could threaten the country with ruin. In many towns like Ribe and Haderslev the luxury regulations were introduced and they give a fine impression of what possibilities the upper class had for luxury and status symbols.


Saturday 1 st June 2019

 9:00 in English

11:00 in Danish




Inger Lauridsen

“Salesmen of laces in the villages around Toender and their lives”. Especially in the trade after 1800 more of the salesmen in the parishes of Brede, Møgeltønder and Ballum did better than the

salesmen in Tønder. Some of these salesmen, their trade and their life we actually know about. I will in my lecture tell about these men and their placement in the society of those days.

Sunday the 2 nd of June 2019

 9:00 in English

11:00 in Danish





The lecture with Inger Lauridsen form the basis for this excursion to the homes of the lace dealers Jens Wulff and Mathias Winther created in Brede and Dines and Ditlev Hansen in Møgeltønder. We will visit a small home of a lace maker in Randerup too. Some of the houses we can only see from the outside and in their surroundings, but nevertheless they give a good impression of the life lived there.


Guide on the tour: Inger Lauridsen

Price: Dkr 300, - (guiding price)